Business name renewal letters – beware!

Recently we noticed clients have received letters asking for payment of business name renewal by going to a BNrenewal webpage.

While we do not know the genuineness of these letters, we can confirm that this correspondence did NOT come from ASIC. The letter would also ask for a higher renewal fee than if you have renewed your business name directly from ASIC.

We would like to remind business owners that business name details are publicly available to anyone doing a search on the ASIC website. This includes the business names, renewal date, address.  ASIC would only issue business renewal letters 30 days before your renewal date, any time outside this time frame is very likely to be a scam.

I have received a suspicious email or letter… What now??

If you have received an email or letter from an organisation that looks like ASIC but you are not sure if the invoice is real or not, we urge you to contact us to confirm prior to making any payment.

From time to time, ASIC posts news about how scammers try to pose as ASIC to contact business owners. We ask that clients be very careful when opening any mails or emails. As we have always said to our clients about potential scam emails – if in doubt, do not click on any links, and contact us.

For more information, check out the following ASIC pages:

It would also be useful to keep an eye on the ScamWatch website or subscribe to their email alerts.