Have you lodged your tax return yet?

For those who do not have a tax agent – have you lodged your tax return yet?

The clock is ticking for you to lodge your 2017 tax return!

You only have up to 31 October 2017 to lodge your 2017 tax return to the ATO without incurring a late penalty plus interest charges.

For those thinking of getting help from a tax agent, you need to get in touch with your tax agent by 31 October 2017 otherwise you will miss out the extra lodgment extension of up to May 2018!

What are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and get moving!

If you need help with preparing and lodging your 2017 tax return, contact us!

September 17 quarter Business Activity Statement

September 2017 quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) will due for lodgement and payment by 30 Oct 2017 if lodged by yourselves, or 25 November 2017 if lodged via an agent like us.

Leave your worries for preparing BAS to us by contacting us and see how we could help!

It’s SUPER time!

For businesses with employees, it’s quarterly Superannuation payment time!

The deadline for superannuation payment for the September 2017 quarter is due 28 Oct 2017. For businesses using AutoSuper on Xero, the cut off date to have it submitted and approved is 4pm AEDT, Tuesday 24 October. This ensures they reach the super funds by 28 October.

If you require assistance, Aston is happy to help!

Contact us!

2017 Annual PAYG Instalment payments

For those who have received Annual PAYG Instalments for the 2017 financial year with an amount to pay – the due date for payment is 23 October 2017.

Late payments will attract General Interest Charges (GIC) from the ATO.

If you have trouble making payment to the ATO, Aston can help you liaise with the ATO to apply for payment plans. Get in touch now!

XeroCon 2017

Over 500,000 small businesses are now using Xero accounting software, including more than 130 of our client businesses.   So Helen Hardegen & Emily Yip went to Melbourne last week to attend a XeroCon where over 3,000 accountants, bookkeepers and other interested parties gathered to learn more about the new things that are coming soon to Xero and how we can best help you, our clients, to use it.

There are some exciting new developments that we will contact you about in the near future including a new project management module, easy expense claims and many more.

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