Employee or Contractor – Myths and Facts

The following examines some common misunderstood rules around the employee vs contractor situation.


Myth: I have an ABN so I am a contractor.

You may have an ABN but that does not make you a contractor.

Fact: The ATO has various checks to ensure business owners are treating their staff/contractors correctly.

To put it simply, the ATO will look at the work arrangement and the way the payments were calculated etc to determine whether one is an employee or not.


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Aston Accountants has a new partner!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Emily Yip has joined us as a partner from 1 July 2017.

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Why our clients love Xero?

A lot of our clients walk in the our door feeling frustrated about their current accounting software not being able to deliver what they wanted, or simply their system is out of date and is too costly to replace with a new software. There are also clients who are always on the go and find desktop software limiting their business to reach their full potential.

While speaking to them, we find most of the clients would love to try something else but are scratching their heads as to where to start.

Perhaps they haven’t met Xero!

Here are six good reasons why our small business clients love Xero:

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Aston Accountants gets a new look

After many faithful years of service, our old website has retired to live off its super fund earnings.

We now have a fresh new website that is a lot simpler for you to use.

Even Shakespeare Got Behind In His Taxes

If you’re behind in your taxes you have something in common with Shakespeare.

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